Curtain call for winter

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FINISHING TOUCH: Curtain bank volunteers Keitha Frew and Anne Dudson add hooks to a completed curtain. D5145-6

WINTER is coming and the Eastern Bay Curtain Bank is on the hunt for good quality curtains to distribute to households in need around the region.

The demand for curtains is always higher going into winter, with thermal or lined curtains helping to prevent heat loss through windows, shut out cold and draughts and protect the health of people living in cold, damp or draughty homes.

The need is expected to be significantly higher this year as the curtain bank, along with many other support agencies around the region, rally to support the victims of the recent floods in Edgecumbe, Taneatua and surrounding areas.

With floodwater reaching more than a metre inside many homes, curtains are among the many household items that need replacing.

Since its establishment in Whakatane more than nine years ago, hundreds of households have received recycled curtains from the curtain bank. Upwards of 90 homes a year, including homes as far away as Cape Runaway, are fitted with “new” curtains each year.

The curtain bank provides recycled curtains free of charge for tenants or home owners living in damp or cold homes with no, or insufficient curtaining.

While curtains are provided without cost to participants, tracks are not included. Depending on availability, second-hand tracks can be purchased from Community Resources Whakatane (CReW) in Te Tahi Street.

Working from rooms provided by the Eastern Bay Energy Trust in Richardson Street, a dedicated team of volunteers mend, restring and reline donated curtains and sort them as best they can according to various individual requirements.

Anyone with good quality curtains, especially full length curtains, they are willing to donate to the curtain bank can drop them off at the energy trust office.

RELINE: Barbara Smith works on relining some donated curtains. D5145-7


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