Cyclone fells trees, cuts power

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Updated 3.33pm: CYCLONE Cook's path through the Eastern Bay felled hundreds of trees, blocked roads, smashed road signs and cut power to most of the district, but sunshine and the efforts of contractors today are restoring services.

(Scroll down for photos of wind damage)

Power was never lost by Edgecumbe and Kawerau residents, and to homes in pockets near Awakeri.

As at 3pm this afternoon, 5400 customers in areas east of Ohiwa Harbour including Waimana, Waiotahi, Opotiki, Te Kaha and Cape Runaway, were without power according to lines company Horizon Networks.
A further 2900 customers in Otawairere, Te Teko, Awaiti, Awakeri, Tauranga Rd east of Matata, Matata, Manawahe, Ruatoki, Herepuru Rd and Otakiri areas, and 260 customers in Galatea north of Haumea Road were still without power.

Horizon says 8500 customers are still without power across the district. The company says it is aware of locations in the network where power has been restored that continue to be without power. If repairs are required they will be carried out once the core network has been restored, it says in a statement.

Transpower have staff repairing the fault on the 110kV lines supplying Waimana, Waiotahi, Opotiki, Te Kaha and Cape Runaway regions. They have advised they are expecting to restore the line by 4pm today.

Horizon says there ware significant issues in the Waimana region that may limit the company's ability to restore power to customers there, and also to Otara Road, south of McGinley Road.

Horizon Network staff repair a power pole on Otarawairere Road, Ohope. Photo Geoff Mercer

Advice not to use toilets and to conserve water is still valid for locations where power has not yet been restored, and where homes and businesses are connected to public utility sewerage systems.

Delta Contracting clears a large tree from the Eastern End of Wainui Road

George Lack reconnects a water line severed when this tree in Woodlands Road, Opotiki, was toppled by last night's strong winds. Photo Geoff Mercer D5198-28


Access has been achieved past this large poplar on Wainui Road. Photo Geoff Mercer D5198-10


Earlier today, this tree was blocking the Matata Straight. Photo Louis Klaassen D5197-047


The same tree stopped a train en route to the Port of Tauranga. Photo Louis Klaassen D5197-045


An unwelcome intruder has arrived at this Te Teko Road home, near Edgecumbe. Photo Louis Klaassen D5197-098


This melia tree, on The Strand in Whakatane, is a casualty of Cyclone Cook. Photo Geoff Mercer D5198-02


Andersens Tree Services clears a large tree on one of the Thornton Road s-bends. Photo Louis Klaassen D5197-030


Eastbank Road is completely blocked by this tree, and others. Photo Louis Klaassen D5197-104

There was building damage as well. This one near Blueberry Corner, west of Whakatane.

This power pole on Awaiti Road has fallen out of line. Photo Louis Klaassen D5197-077


Trees on Domain Road were hammered by Clyclone Cook. Photo Louis Klaassen D5197-002




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