Competition builds comfort in classroom

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COSY CLASS: Ahu Williams, Hawaiiki Rangiaho and Kaytlen Tamatea-Kepa sit around a table made for a classroom homework project.
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ADDING a touch of home to the classroom was the focus of a homework challenge for Kawerau Putauaki School students.

This term, students from room Totara have been researching, designing and creating a furnishing for their classroom to make it more comfortable.

As the term comes to an end, the projects are arriving in the classroom, with 10 projects presented for judging.

The winning project, a fishing rod lamp, was made by student Chassis-Haze Wineti.

He created a floor lamp from a fishing rod with a little light bulb at the top.

Other entries included couch covers, a swing, table, mirror, sign and a do-it-yourself table complete with dividers, pencil holders and a home sign.

Ten-year-old students Ahu Williams and Kaytlen Tamatea-Kepa worked together on their project and created a pallet chair with cubby holes in the side to store items.

“We had to build things to come into the classroom to make it feel homely,” Kaytlen said.

Set as a homework challenge, the students were encouraged to use recycled materials.

Ahu said she and her best friend learnt how hard the project was and discovered pallets were a lot bigger than they initially thought.

However, the girls did enjoy hammering nails and looked forward to decorating it.

Student Hawaiiki Rangiaho, nine, made a table fit for a classroom, complete with dividers for books and holders for pens, pencils and other utensils needed for learning.

She said she and her grandfather completed the project together, even putting wheels on it to make it easy to move around the classroom.

The project was set by teacher Chris Slabbert and judged by board of trustees co-chairperson Lynsey Chase.

“The winning project was very creative and it was hard to choose a winner.

“But I had to judge on the [project] brief which said the student had to display something about themselves.”

She said the fishing rod was a creative way of expressing the joy of fishing.

Each student received a certificate for their effort and were each given a chocolate prize.


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