Shave and run for mum

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SHAVE: Naomi Courtney-Tennent has her hair shaved off by hairdresser Hayley Young while the students at Awakeri School watch. Photo Troy Baker D5604-09

AWAKERI School teacher Naomi Courtney-Tennent does a double take when she walks past the mirror and sees her bald reflection.

On the last day of the school term, last Friday, Naomi sat before Awakeri School students and had her long hair shaved off.

She said the students laughed and smiled with her as the hair was removed and told her she still looked nice afterward.

The younger students told her she looked like a boy.

She did it to support her mum, who was diagnosed with cancer this year and was near the end of her treatment. Her father also shaved his hair on Friday, in Auckland.

“We hope our hair will grow back together,” Naomi says. More than $1300 was raised before the head shaving and Naomi plans to donate the funds to the Cancer Society.

Without any hair, she says she feels the wind and rain more but covers up with a beanie when she feels the cold.

“It’s fun to touch. It’s spiky, but the beanie fabric gets caught in my hair. “I have to do a double take when I walk past a mirror but I’m getting used to it.”

Naomi’s fundraising doesn’t finish there. She is also raising money for the society by running in the ASB Auckland Marathon in October.

“The Auckland Marathon was my best marathon back in my running days and I have had great pleasure at this event over the years. I’ve seen my dad compete in just about every distance and I’ve completed the half and the full distance. It’s a great event.”

Naomi feels extra motivation to be a “charity hero” for the Cancer Society.

“Running is tough but what Mum is going through is a million times tougher. Mum thinks what I’m doing is pretty cool.”

Naomi has raised more than $2500 on her Run the City fundraiser page.

She has a goal of $3000 and money can be donated through


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