Cool fridge the next hot model

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NEW TECHNOLOGY: The Samsung fridge can teach you the basics of cooking and network you with the rest of your family or simply use it to watch Dr Phil while you cook.
Photo Sven Carlsson OB3010-01

IF you feel like you’re falling behind the technology wave and cannot get networked enough, then Samsung has come up with a solution that might be for you.

You simply turn your fridge into your networking hub.

The Samsung Family Hub tells you what the weather will be during the day when you open it the first time in the morning and by using your smartphone you can look inside your fridge when you’re at the supermarket.

Opotiki Appliance Plus manager Joel Curley says the hi-tech fridge retails at $9990.

“There’s a camera for each shelf in the fridge, so you can peek inside from the supermarket using your smartphone.”

The fridge can also host your shopping list, which can be dynamically updated from any phones connected to it.

You can browse for recipes and look at videos on the large tablet that covers one of the fridge doors and you can mirror your television so whatever plays there can also be seen on the fridge.

“You can search recipes and have them play on the screen, telling you what to do step-by-step,” Mr Curley said. “The fridge can also play music on the built-in sound system.”

As if that’s not enough, the versatile bottom-right door can switch between a fridge or a freezer with the touch of a button, allowing you to choose between five customisable temperature settings.



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