Onepu Siege gunman sentenced

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The man who shot four Armed Offenders Squad members in a house near Kawerau has been sent to jail indefinitely.

Fairfax reported Rhys Richard Ngahiwi Warren was sentenced to preventive detention when he appeared for sentence at the High Court in Tauranga on Friday.

Preventive detention means Warren could be detained indefinitely and would only be released after a minimum of 10 years and only if the Parole Board deemed it safe to do so.

He had been previously found guilty of two charges of attempted murder, three of using a firearm against a police officer and one of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The charges related to a siege that occurred on March 9, 2016, on Onepu Springs Road near Kawerau.

Fairfax reported Warren continued to deny the rights of the New Zealand Court to prosecute him as he stood in the dock, producing an affidavit in his defence before the sentence was delivered.

"I believe the police shot first. They fired 46 rounds at my whare, at my house where I was supposed to be safe," he told Justice Timothy Brewer.

He asked for the charges to be dropped and sought compensation for $10,000 for personal court costs, a breach of his rights and personal trauma caused to him by the incident.

But Justice Brewer thought otherwise and said a sentence of preventive detention was necessary due to the violent nature of Warren's crimes and the fact that Warren believed the law had no jurisdiction over him.

"There is an argument he might change if I impose a finite sentence but I am not prepared to take the risk."

Court was on high alert for Warren's case, with all other court business taking place in a separate building during the sentencing.

Extra security guards were brought in to assist after Warren had to forcibly removed from his previous court appearance.

Constable Regan Mauheni, Constable Damian White, Constable Andrew Flinn and Sergeant Logan Marsh – were all shot by Warren during the incident.

Mauheni, White and Flinn were all injured inside the house during the gunfight, while Marsh was injured while he was stationed outside the house afterward.

The squad members were at the home because shots had allegedly been fired at or near police and a police spotter plane during a cannabis clearance operation earlier in the day.

Warren was arrested following a 22-hour siege of the property after Taupo Area Commander Warwick Morehu talked him out of the property.