Putting veges on the table with music

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MUSICAL TALENT: Isaiah Perkins, Carl Perkins and Te Omeka Perkins make up the House of Shem band, who will play at the Boiler Room in Whakatane on Saturday.
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IN February, four days after his 58th birthday, a doctor gave musician Carl Perkins two months to live.

But rather than compliantly accepting the death sentence, Carl and his family left the doctor’s office determined that he would search for a miracle for as long as he had.

Carl was the lead singer for renowned New Zealand band Herbs on the Long Ago album and, in 2005, he founded House of Shem group with his sons, Te Omeka and Isaiah.

Returning from Australia to help look after his dad, Te Omeka said after his dad received his diagnosis, everything went on hold, including the new music they had been working on, to allow Carl to focus on himself.

His dad made changes including choosing to eat only organic products and while they have seen the benefits of the new lifestyle, it was not a cheap one.

The family started a Givealittle page to help cover the costs of looking for alternative treatments, ensuring Carl’s quality of life and perhaps even making a documentary of his life.

But with having to sometimes pay $200 week for organic vegetables, the costs were starting to increase.

So, Te Omeka said the trio decided to head out on the road as House of Shem and tour New Zealand. They kick off their tour in Taupo on

Friday and will play at the Boiler Room in Whakatane on Saturday night.

Te Omeka said they were looking forward to playing in Whakatane, which had been a favourite place to play for many years.

“We always love playing there, it has a cool vibe – real laid back. We love the vibe and the people come out and love to party. It is a great place, Whakatane.”

Te Omeka said they would be playing music from their backlog and his dad was scheduled to play several songs at each gig. In fact, even though they had organised for Carl to have his campervan parked close to the stage at each venue, Te Omeka said his dad was determined that he would be on stage for the duration of each gig.

“He reckons he is going to play the whole thing but just wants to know that we have the option. We said we could put a chair on stage but he reckons he won’t need it.”

Tickets can be purchased from the Boiler Room or the Ticketfairy.com website. Or, check out the Beacon’s social media accounts to find out how to win double pass to the show.

House of Shem

  •  Boiler Room
  •  Saturday, September 16
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