Fatal truck and train crash

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SCENE: Lambert Road an hour after the fatal collision between a train and Waste Management New Zealand truck. Photo Louis Klaassen D6043-06

COLLISION: The driver of the Waste Management vehicle died at the scene following a collision with a train this morning. Photo Louis Klaassen D6043-38


THE driver of a Waste Management vehicle died following a collision with a train at Lambert Road this morning.

Lambert Road is now open, after being closed for three hours.

Police remain at the scene and would conduct an investigation into the fatal crash, as would Waste Management New Zealand.


CORDON: Lambert Road remains closed as police investigate the fatal crash involving a Waste Management truck and train. Photo Louis Klaassen

The Whakatane District Council has said, any remaining waste collections for the day would be cancelled and collected on the weekend.

All waste transfer stations would be closed for the remainder of Friday, with normal hours resuming thereafter.

Residents could expect there would be some further changes and delays to refuse collection throughout the district over coming days.




A PERSON has died following a crash involving a Waste Management truck and a train in Whakatane this morning.

The incident occurred at the level crossing on Lambert Road just before 11:35am.

The driver of the truck died at the scene.

The intersection of Lambert Road and State Highway 34 is currently closed to traffic.

The Serious Crash Unit is investigating.



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