Sunflowers and strawberries at Strathmore

BIG FLOWER: Awatea Tangaroa-Smith from Central Kids Strathmore Kindergarten points to the Kindergarten’s widest sunflower.

CHILDREN at Central Kids Strathmore Kindergarten in Whakatane have been learning all about the fruits of summer with strawberry picking outings and gardening on the kindergarten grounds.

The Kindergarten recently won a sunflower growing competion run by Daltons gardening supplies company.

The competition was part of its Sunflowers in Kindergartens project, which supplies sunflower growing kits to kindergartens throughout New Zealand.

The project started on August 21, with kindys having until 5pm on December 6 to submit pictures and measurements of their star sunflower. Daltons provided everything they needed to make the growing process successful.

Central Kids Strathmore won the widest sunflower category in the central North Island region, with its 13-centimetre-wide flower.

Head teacher Jacqui Johnston, says; “The tamariki at Central Kids Strathmore Kindergarten have enjoyed participating in the Dalton’s sunflower competition and have been involved in all steps of turning their small seeds into giant yellow flowers.”

The kindergarten received a $150 gift voucher for Dalton products and a $100 Warehouse voucher for their prize.

The tallest sunflower category was won by David Henry Kindergarten in Tokoroa.