Leaders look forward

JETT Hunia, Brenna Dew, Kristopher Apiti, head boy, Ngarangikamaea Stewart, head girl, Shauna Edwards-Jull and Hasley Moore are Opotiki College’s 2018 leadership team. Photos James Sandbrook OB4199-14

FOUR new students at Opotiki College take up the mantle of house leaders, all with big ideas for progress.

The students occupying the new roles are Hasley Moore, Freyberg house leader, Shauna Edwards-Jull, Mansfield house leader, Brenna Dew, Ngata house leader, and Jett Hunia, Rutherford house leader.

“I want everyone attending our school to know they’re welcome, and that there’s people backing them in everything they do,” said Hasley, who is keen on supporting and motivating new students. With a strong focus on inspiring junior students, he hopes to start building the leaders of tomorrow, today.

“We should try to lift them up, let them know they can do it.”

Hasley wants Opotiki College to be students’ “number one choice”, especially thanks to the many upgrades both coming and over the past few years.

His goals for the year are to lay foundations for future success, through the nurturing and support of new students.

“I want to inspire [students], remind them of their worth and show them that they have every opportunity at this school,” said Shauna, who takes an equally passionate stance on the wellbeing of students.

Wanting a deeper connection with the community, Shauna hopes to influence students from primary school age.

“I’m very passionate about the school, and the kids that come here,” she said.

Shauna’s goals this year are aimed at creating a strong presence in the community, showing students from a young age what the college can help them achieve.

Brenna, however, is looking closer to the present before worrying about the future.

“The past couple of years have been excellent, we’re definitely on the right track. Now we need to work on our learning spaces, making comfortable environments for our students.”

Hoping to tackle one big thing at a time, Brenna said she hoped students’ voices would be more recognised when it came to those big developments. With greater recognition for student opinion, she hopes students will “come to the school, and value it”.

“I want students to feel like they’re in a tight community,” she said.

Brenna’s goals this year looks toward establishing the college as high-achieving and progressive, and making both the facilities and atmosphere more appealing to youth.

Jett has similar thoughts, with hopes to make the college into “the main school, from Opotiki to the Coast”.

HASLEY Moore, Shauna Edwards-Jull, Brenna Dew and Jett Hunia represent their houses. OB4199-23

To accomplish this, she said the school needed to be diverse enough to meet all students’ needs.

“If kids want to do something, then our school needs to have the assets to back them,” she said, with that premise steadily becoming reality through the Certified to Work programme and level three courses becoming available at the college.

In light of those changes, she believes they have increased the “professionalism” of the school, but it could happen faster.

“We’ve had some great progress, but it’s happening very slow.”

Her goals this year are focused on speeding up processes, supporting students with their dreams and diversifying the college.