Self esteem, beauty and believing in yourself


I Feel Pretty

  • Comedy; Cert M, contains sexual references; 1hr 50mins
  • Starring: Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, Rory Scovel, Busy Philipps, Aidy Bryant, Naomi Campbell, Tom Hopper
  • Director: Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein

MUCH like anything Amy Schumer does, it is hard to know whether to come away from I Feel Pretty feeling offended or affirmed.

The brash comedian puts all of her acting skills into practice to play insecure young office worker Renee, who is obsessed with how she looks – or rather, how she doesn’t look.

Comparing herself to stick-thin fashion models, Renee lives a sad life believing she could only be truly happy and achieve her goals if she was skinnier and more beautiful.

This is until she is knocked unconsious one day and wakes believing she has magically transformed into the person she has always wanted to see in the mirror. This, of course, gives her the confidence to become what she always wanted to be.

Yes, this film is the latest of many to tackle the issue of negative body image and poor self esteem in a fun, lighthearted way. The fact that it does so by reinforcing every stereotype about what contitutes beauty by parading a lot of supermodels about the screen is probably a good reason not to see it if you actually have real issues.

If, however, you are simply a fan of Schumer’s brazen, cheeky humour you won’t be disappointed.

She is joined by Michelle Williams in one of her rare comedy roles. Barely recognisable with her frail beauty crushed under too-heavy make-up, she plays Renee’s boss, the managing director of a cosmetics company who is equally lacking in confidence for completely different reasons.

Williams gets her share of the laughs, showing she can do comedy as well as drama roles.

There are also cameos by Naomi Campbell, Lauren Hutton and other stars from the world of modeling.

Shumer is joined by a sprinkling of her comedy-circuit buddies, including Busy Philipps and Aidy Bryant as her misfit best friends and Rory Scovel as her love interest.

Schumer is her usual disarming mixture of self-depreciation and supreme confidence.

Whether viewers find her offensive, empowering or simply annoying will largely depend on themselves.