Vintage car returns

ALAN and Margaret Logie with their car of 20 years, a 1948 Morris 8 Series E. Photo James Sandbrook OB4276-01

SEVENTY years ago, a blue 1948 Morris 8 Series E was purchased at Hornes Garage in Opotiki.

Last Friday, the current owners Alan and Margaret Logie brought the car back through the town, exploring its history on a trip to the East Cape.

The vehicle was first owned by Opotiki resident Linda Hawken, who later sold the car in 1962 after moving to Auckland. From there, it came to Mr and Mrs Logie in 1998, who have now travelled to all points on both islands of New Zealand in it.

The couple visited the Opotiki Museum hoping to find some history on the garage where it was purchased. Hornes Garage has since been replaced by Eastern Bay Motors, but they found another connection in the museum.

Opotiki resident Ron Johnson knew the Hawken family and chatted with the Logies about some of the town and residents’ history.

“It was just amazing, running into someone that knew the family. What are the odds of that?” said Mr Logie.

As the third owners of the car, he is proud to say almost all the upkeep and maintenance has been done by himself, except for an engine overhaul.

Mrs Logie said despite its age, the carpet was the only non-original part on the car, right down to the paint colour.

“It’s all still the original paint colour, but it’d be on its third or fourth coat now,” she said.

On the dashboard, a faded and worn sticker proves the vehicle’s Opotiki roots, displaying the Hornes Garage name.