Afternoon delight

Photo Louis Klaassen D7086-04

WHAKATANE was treated to this stunning rainbow on Wednesday afternoon. People stopped in the middle of the street and officer workers were seen running outside to get a better look.

The double rainbow had cameras out in full force and Eastern Bay Life photographer Louis Klaassen was quick off the mark to take this image from outside the Beacon office in Pyne street.

Here are a few rainbow facts that explain why the conditions were optimal for rainbow spotting.

  • Rainbows can be observed whenever there are water drops in the air and sunlight shining from behind the observer at a low-altitude angle.
  • They are usually seen in the western sky during the morning and in the eastern sky during the early evening.
  • The most spectacular displays happen when half the sky is still dark with rainclouds and the sun is shining through clear sky from a low angle from the opposite direction resulting in a luminous rainbow contrasting with a dark background.
  • During good visibility conditions, the larger, but fainter, secondary rainbow is often visible. It appears about 10 degrees outside the primary rainbow, with inverse order of colours.